Movement on the ice and swamps


If during the trip there is a need to move on the ice, you should try to go closer to the edge of the sloping shore. If possible, avoid ravines, the mouths of rivers and streams and, of course, deep places.

If you get lost


Among the most needed skills eco tourist can note the ability to navigate the terrain.

Before you go on a trip you need to carefully study the map of the place, which will run on the route, and remember the most conspicuous objects that can serve as benchmarks, for example, river, railway, settlement, etc.



One of the places that are visited in Croatia as part of eco-tourism, is a Croatian national park called Plitvice Lakes. This park is part of the UNESCO World Heritage List.



Iceland itself is a unique country, so the potential for eco-tourism here is very, very wide.

Iceland is the largest volcanic island on the planet. In this country is more than two hundred volcanoes, many of which are active.