Farmhouse in Ukraine


Sunny summers, warm weather, high spirits, but something was missing. Of course – there is no good rest, where you can temporarily escape from the daily hustle and bustle and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of peace and harmony. What is needed – only your desire and free time, and therefore, do not waste a minute and go on a fantastic holiday in the network estates “the family nest.”

Types of green tourism


Communion with nature is becoming more popular and attracting more and more outdoor enthusiasts. Below you will find information about green tourism types prevalent in a given country.

Ecotourism in the world, and especially the best seats


This is a relatively new trend is rapidly gaining momentum. Residents of civilized Europe for several years now storming the untouched corners of nature in Africa, Asia, South America … What are they looking for?

Green tourism in Ukraine


Green, or as it is called, eco-tourism – is a very special vacation destinations for people, congested daily problems, the hardships of life and urbanism. This type of holiday is aimed at privacy and contact with nature, dwelling in a rural environment or other environmental areas. The main goal of green tourism is to abstract from the metropolis noise, measured a dip in a world in which our ancestors lived.